dj LV COVER1 703 1Do you know dj LV? Taking over Atlanta’s nightlife one gig at a time, dj LV is bringing real deejaying back to Atlanta by hitting new plateaus and striving to elevate his audience along the way. With over 20 years on the turntables and an ever-growing list of high profile performances, dj LV continues to gain momentum by bringing his own unique blend of music and beats to events across the U.S. Born and raised in Oakland, California, LV is not only a phenomenal deejay, but also an accomplished drummer and talented music producer and attributes early studies of violin, saxophone and drums as the beginning of his career in music. LV credits the drums as the instrument that made it possible to pick-up, play and create intricate, creative rhythms and beats - cementing his music career as a deejay. His ability to seamlessly blend songs and produce creative mixes gradually grew from spinning at house parties to headlining at several prominent Bay Area clubs.